Wild Card

Wild Card

A Dark Boston Irish Mafia Romance

Series: The Carneys Book 3

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Available August 1, 2020

She’s wild, in all the best ways.
Catriona Carney is a socialite.
A beautiful, sassy influencer who’s not afraid of anything
Even though she should be.
She’s part of the mob family that killed my parents
And stole their livelihood.
She also happens to be my uncle’s hostage.
He’s always getting into trouble with the mafia.
But this time, stealing the princess doesn’t quite work out.
For starters, I’m falling in love with her.
Second, her father doesn’t want her back.
In the end I’ll have to go to my sworn enemies for help.
Because Catriona holds the ransom on my heart,
And I’ll pay any price to save her.

Wild Card is a standalone book in a hot new dark mafia series – The Carneys – written by bestselling author Sophie Austin. Escape into the high drama, action-packed and dark mafia world of Boston’s richest crime family. Meet Giovanni DeLuca, delicious Italian mobster, and watch him try to resist beautiful, defiant, and brave Catriona. Together, they’ll face how deep down the depravities of the Carney family really go. Could their love be strong enough to rebuild from the wreckage of their families’ clash? No cheating, no cliffhangers, and can be enjoyed as a standalone.

If you loved The Doyles, but wanted them even darker, the Carneys are for you.

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