A Boston Irish Mafia Romance

Series: The Doyles

I break knees for a living.
But she could break my heart.

I’m the family enforcer.
So sometimes I get sent on… errands.
I go to Martha’s Vineyard with one job in mind:
Protect our family. Stop a rival mob family from trying to take what’s mine.
I never expected to meet her.
Siobhan is gorgeous, with legs for days and eyes that smolder.
She understands the music that lights up my soul.
She’s ice and I’m fire.
It can never work between us.
Dueling mob families.
But sometimes rules are made to be broken.
And sometimes summer love can last.

Hustle is a fast-paced, steamy romance that shows you what happens when two people from rival mob families have a summer fling they can’t forget. Get ready for an enemies to lovers, second chance, opposites attract love story that shows you some things really are meant to be. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a heartwarming, sizzling hot HEA.

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