A Dark Boston Irish Mafia Romance

Series: The Carneys Book 4

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Available February 26, 2021

She’s a strait-laced fed,
And I’m the son of a mob boss.
It’d never work, right?

Fiona’s ready to make the biggest collar of her career,
And she’s got a demon in her crosshairs: my father.

She’s planning to take him down by dismantling a human trafficking ring
She thinks is tied to my rugby team.
She’s wrong.

But if it means spending time with her,
I’ll let her uncover all of my secrets.
On and off the field.

She’s not wrong that my family is dangerous.
Hell, my own father thinks I’m garbage.
But I’ve done some good too.
I hold the cards she needs to take him down.

The question is,

In the end, who will I choose?
Family loyalty…

Or the woman tough enough to put a broken man back together again.

Longshot is a standalone book in a hot new dark mafia series – The Carneys – written by bestselling author Sophie Austin. Escape into the high drama, action-packed and dark mafia world of Boston’s richest crime family. Find out what happens when a straight-laced fed determined to root out corruption comes after the Carney family, and sets her sights on their youngest son. He’ll stop at nothing to protect the pro-sports empire he’s building. Yet he holds the cards to help her close the case. In the end, will the fiery attraction between them be enough to convince him to choose her over his family? No cheating, no cliffhangers, and can be enjoyed as a standalone.

If you loved The Doyles, but wanted them even darker, the Carneys are for you.

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