A Boston Irish Mafia Romance

Series: The Doyles

Mob boss in the streets. Devil in the sheets.

Lies are only wrong if they hurt someone.
So I won’t let this one break my heart.

Ruby is the one woman I can’t have.
She’s a cop.
I’m an up and coming mob boss.
They call me a killer, a devil, an old school bad guy.
But when I need investigative help,
She’s the one I call.
Ruby will help me solve this case,
And maybe I’ll help her relieve some on the job stress.
Everyone needs a break sometime right?
A little massage, a bubble bath… a big strong man to take you to bed.
No one can know our relationship is a ruse.
So we’ll make it believable.
With those lips and those sweet curves?
It’ll be easy.
Until my heart gets mixed up in our lie.
Now I have more than one case to crack.
This murder, and my heart.

Devil is a fast-paced, steamy romance that shows you what happens when a mob boss and a cop join forces to right an old wrong – and ignite a passion they can’t extinguish. Get ready for an enemies to lovers, fake relationship romance that shows you it’s the bad boys that fall the hardest. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a heartwarming, sizzling hot HEA.

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